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Suggestibility and Openness

January 21, 2013

There are many ways to live in the world, far more than any of us can imagine. And there are many people who continually suggest to us how to live, what to believe, what to think, what to feel, what to say, who to vote for, who to love–the list is endless. It can be revealing in the midst of all these suggestions, some of them very enticing, to look and listen inwardly and observe just how suggestible we are, and to realize that suggestibility is dramatically different from openness.

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A Profound Form of Transformative Work

January 19, 2013

A profound and natural form of transformative work, work that requires no force or tension, is to be nakedly present to yourself, to be zero distance from yourself, in the midst of your daily activities. This requires a very subtle inner action of attention, so subtle, in fact, that many people overlook it entirely.

Copyright by Dennis Lewis, January 19, 2013

Words Can Reach Into Our Soul

January 14, 2013


Like certain kinds of great music, the right words at the right moment can reach into our soul and help us experience ourselves and the world in both a more-intimate and a more-global way. But something is needed from each of us: real listening.

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The Profound Mystery of Friendship

January 12, 2013

Friends and loved ones support one another in often inexplicable ways. They support each other best, however, when they let go of their their assumptions that they understand each other.

We understand next to nothing of those we are close to–their wishes, fears, hopes, dreams, efforts, and so on as they actually experience them. There is a profound mystery here–the mystery of ourselves and others as connected at a very deep level yet uniquely subjective and independent.

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Can You Let it Go?

January 9, 2013

If you look and listen honestly within you will discover at least one thing–perhaps an idea or assumption or expectation or reaction or belief or frown or tension–that no longer serves you, one thing that captures or distorts your attention, dulls your perception, and buffers you from the breath, breadth, and fullness of your life right now. Can you let it go?

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The Pervasiveness of Self-Importance in Your Life

December 25, 2012

“There are many ardent promoters today of the morality of humility, who, in their own self-important way, readily criticize others as being too self-important. If you long for real freedom, however, it is imperative to actually observe the pervasiveness of self-importance in your own life. It is so important, in fact, that the ‘famous Tibetan meditator Geshe Ben said that his only practice was to watch his self-importance bloat up and then crumble down again and again. Seeing how it made his mind freer and freer every time it crumbled brought meaning and pleasure to his life.’ (Quote from ‘Light Comes Through,’ by Dzigar Kongtrul.) Are you willing to observe your own self-importance rising and falling throughout the day?”

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Mental Explanations

December 21, 2012

“People often demand mental explanations for things that can only be understood through expansion of consciousness and growth of being. Unfortunately, very few are willing to accept this fact, since such acceptance depends on seeing ourselves as we are, not as we imagine ourselves to be.”

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“Out of Touch with The Earth, With Never a Glance Toward the Sky”

December 20, 2012


So many of us today live unconscious, fragmentary, disharmonious lives driven by fear, guilt, anger, anxiety, and tension. “Out of touch with the earth, with never a glance toward the sky”(Kenneth Patchen), we rush away from the past and into the future in pursuit of progress and “a better life” with little appreciation of the miraculous gift of now, the only time and place we can truly live. This anxiety-filled rush into the future, fueled as it is by our belief in our habitual thoughts, concepts, judgments, and reactive emotions, creates a myriad of so-called problems that we think we can solve with the very same mind that created them in the first place. And as we search for solutions, spiritual or otherwise, our lives become increasingly narrow and constricted–unable to manifest the mystery and miracle of our innermost being, unable to manifest the intelligence, kindness, love, and compassion that lie at the heart of the breath of life being breathed into us at every moment.

Going Beyond the Boundaries of the Conditioned Mind

My work–and the work of The Center for Harmonious Awakening–is to help us see and go beyond the boundaries of the conditioned mind–the habitual constellation of thoughts, emotions, sensations, beliefs, and judgments that each of us calls “myself”–and to help open us to the vast breadth of the life force as it manifests through us at this very moment. My work is to help us explore and awaken, in a harmonious way, to who and what we really are in our essence, to the freedom of real presence and consciousness–the freedom to see and say “yes” to the miracle of what is.

Whatever noble aims we may have, paths we may be on, or necessary efforts we may make, our only real freedom is to awaken now, this very instant, to the mystery and miracle of being, to the spacious awareness that we are. It is only this immediate awakening to the deepest levels of ourselves, to the conscious source that connects us all, that will enable us to experience and manifest real harmony, intelligence, kindness, love, and compassion in our lives and bring about the transformation in the world for which we all wish.

Copyright by Dennis Lewis, 2010-12.


November 29, 2012

“Being patient isn’t just about waiting. Most everyone can learn to wait. It’s also about the attitude with which you wait, the willingness to be exactly where you are.”

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Do More of What Makes Us Happy?

October 10, 2012

People sometimes advise us to do more of what makes us happy, and I’m all for that. Much of what we believe will make us happy, however, does no such thing, and often eventually makes us miserable. So the suggestion to do more of what makes us happy opens up a huge question. Do we really know what makes us, or will make us, happy, not just the fleeting happiness of a physical or emotional high but the genuine happiness of a conscious human being? Without this experiential knowledge, won’t we most likely just be chasing a dream?

Copyright 2012 by Dennis Lewis, first published on my Facebook Fan Page


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