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The Body as the Anchor for the Senses & the Mind, from Openness Mind, by Tarthang Tulku

October 13, 2009

Here is a wonderful practice from one of my favorite books. I hope you will try it often as you can.

Openness Mind, by Tarthang Tulku

Openness Mind, by Tarthang Tulku

“It is useful to consider the body as the anchor for the senses and the mind; they are all interrelated. Feel your entire physical body. Allow your breathing to become relaxed and quiet. When your body and breath become very still, you may feel a very light sensation, almost like flying, which carries with it a fresh, alive quality. Open all your cells, even the molecules that make up your body, unfolding them like petals. Hold nothing back: open more than your heart; open your entire body, every atom of it. Then a beautiful experience can arise that has a quality you can come back to again and again, a quality that will heal and sustain you.”–Tarthang Tulku, Openness Mind

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