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Check out my new “Harmonious Awakening” Podcast on iTunes & Elsewhere

August 24, 2010

Dennis Lewis

Dennis Lewis

I’ve just created a new “Harmonious Awakening” podcast page, which you can listen and subscribe to. My podcast is also available through iTunes. You can either use your iTunes program to look me up in the iTunes store under “Podcasts” or just click here.

All subscriptions are free!

The podcasts so far are from 90 seconds to five minutes or so, and are designed to “help us see and go beyond the boundaries of the conditioned mind–the habitual constellation of thoughts, emotions, sensations, beliefs, and judgments that each of us calls ‘myself’–and to help open us to the vast breadth of the life force as it manifests through us at this very moment.” The podcasts include parables, stories, guided meditations, experiments in presence, breathing practices, musings, and much more. Future podcasts will probably not go over 10 minutes or so.

Though I’ve published numerous written materials in the form of books, articles, and essays, it’s also great to hear the human voice (including one’s own voice), which can in just a few seconds often convey more than thousands of written words can.

I hope you enjoy what I offer here, and I welcome your feedback.

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  1. Tina permalink
    August 25, 2010 6:24 pm

    Dennis – thank you! I just now listened and subscribed to your new podcast. The 1st one, “What are we looking out of?” is particularly powerful. This is an inquiry I’ve been asking a lot, both in my meditation practice and daily activities. Opening…

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