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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

December 24, 2010
An Unexpected Wreath

A photo by Warren Grossman

May your Christmas and Holiday Season be filled with peace, joy, and love! May you experience the great mystery and miracle of heaven and earth, and of being itself!

A Welcoming from the Heavens

Sunrise: A Welcoming from the Heavens, by Dennis Lewis

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  1. December 25, 2010 1:06 pm

    Dear Dennis, Your well-wishes are very gratefully received and I thank you for them. December holds many landmarks for me, being born then, arriving and leaving a war zone in Dec. adds a lot of karma to the season for me. Here are my thoughts about the season.

    Dec 25 2010 Mere Thoughts by Wayne S. Hansen

    This is my time of year; being born 3 days prior, on the 22nd of Dec. This is not a fun time for me, but a growth time for me. What I want is not what I receive. Instead, I get what I need on the deepest levels. By my opening and releasing of painful attitudes and emotions
    my nervous system and my life move beyond my own perceptions of what my life is and may become. Not letting my concepts of myself block opportunities that may be painful is a “hallmark” of good judgment! It is a painful time, but life never promises less pain, only more growth, which is often painful, if I am open. Openness and a questioning of self and our surroundings may be the most valuable personal traits to cultivate! I will try to explain further here.
    I have recently learned that my most profound growth is attended by a “breaking” of my heart and of my belief systems derived from false conclusions based on painful past experiences. This breaking sensation is nothing more than an opening of my heart. Having an open heart releases stored painful emotions of my past and allows whatever outside
    spiritual helpers to come into my heart to repair and re-tune my being or soul for further inner expansions. Mental realizations are a later result. Mental realizations, I believe, are always the last part of the growth process, not the first. I claim that the purpose of all life is growth, growth beyond our current definitions of life!
    Life in this world is much less a mental process than our various present-day cultures and schools of thought have stressed in their outlooks and teachings.
    True intelligence and understanding are not the mere products or minions of mental processes! We are whole beings that include the factors of our presently perceived mind and logic. True intelligence, true logic and true morals or ethics are an integral parts of our
    wholeness or soul, if you will. Absolute Truth and Absolute Love are not ideas, but who we are in our wholeness!
    We are made up of many more other parts than the mind such as emotions, spirit, soul and some-things that we presently may not be aware of. This is our state of self awareness these days. However, if analyzed from a higher or truer perception, we are not a conglomeration of parts at all. We may chiefly be characterized as one being. Modern
    mental and verbal practices have had to break up “who we are” into separate levels or parts in order for our minds to understand ourselves. This is a great loss of understanding or folly in our perceptions or attitudes, if you will!
    I will go so far to say that as “individual” persons or beings of this particular species, we are not separate parts, but again, a whole! To take my argument farther, our species is a whole with all life on this planet. Next, I introduce the perception or awareness that we
    and all parts of this planet, both living and seemingly non-living (mechanical, electrical, fossil and mineral, etc.), are a vibrant whole! Following this train of thought or awareness farther, this solar system, the sun and all its orbiting satellites make up a living whole! Of course, you can see where this train of thought ends up! All solar systems and the spiral arms we are part of are a whole that make up our galaxy. This is saying that all matter in our galaxy is a living whole!
    Recently astrophysicists has put forth the probability that non-matter exists as a part of our whole in the center of our galaxy. Non-matter or anti-matter may be the unifying core at the center of the Milky Way. Non-matter does not follow the laws of linear deductive thought or Newtonian physics, or simply stated, science and logic break down in the face
    of anti-matter. Anti-matter is also defined as a singularity or a black hole. All galaxies may have a core black hole at their centers! There are probably roaming black holes as well in the universe. Anti-matter may be the undiscovered “other half” of the matter/energy existence! Logic and Newtonian physics are, our mental concepts in an attempt to understand reality mentally.
    There is a perception in many religions that the entire universe is a vibrant living whole, called by some God, the Source, The Light and rightly assumed “The Unknowable ALL”! This is scientifically unprovable and therefore outside the realm of current science or logic. However, this is probably closer to the real truth of the universe. Matter has been scientifically proven to be made up of energy. The sub-atomic particles that have been
    discovered so far do not follow logic or Newtonian physics either. We have much more to discover in our scientific study of nature or the universe. More sub-atomic particles and energies exist than we know of. It follows that more compounds, elements and energies remain undiscovered in our seemingly endless universe. With the inclusion of black-holes as gateways to distant parts of the universe by folding space-time, we may rightly assume that there exist other universes than our own! All we know and all we don’t know are
    parts of a greater system that I claim is a single living whole beyond our
    present definitions of knowledge or logic!
    I guess my main point is that it may be truer logic to be open-hearted, to not exclude scientifically unproven ideas or matrices, but rather to try to practice new things and include the latter seemingly unproven ideas! Inclusion, as a way of perception leads to my earlier proposition that everything is everything or All that is are ONE living/non-living Whole, a new definition of “the living”! So being open, inclusive and questioning of ourselves and our culture and our world may be the most intelligent ways to progress in this life; rather than letting our personalities with their false, trauma-driven systems of pain-avoidance make the choices for us! It may also lead to a more harmonious interaction
    between others in this world and in this life.
    In conclusion, the more I grow, the more I am unknowing and lovingly in AWE! I am humbly and openly and faithfully yours!
    Happy Holidays and may this new year be your best yet on levels we are and aren’t aware of!

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