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Discovering New Dimensions of Space Within Your Body

November 15, 2011

Can you discover new dimensions of space within your immediate physical, emotional, and mental experiences? This will require a deep level of awareness, a thawing of your conceptual framework, and a concomitant non-identification with the stories you tell yourself about who you and others are and what you are experiencing.

Begin with your breath. Sense yourself breathing the space of the atmosphere into the spaces of your body. This is a profound practice that may take a long time to fully understand, so work without willfulness and be patient.

And be sure to listen to the instructive and meditative interview of me by Tami Simon, founder of Sounds True. The interview (56 minutes), entitled “Breathing Space into Space,” is part of her “Insights at the Edge” series, “interviews with leading spiritual teachers and writers about their latest challenges–the ‘leading edge’ of their work.”

The interview (November 15, 2011) will help you understand the profound, practical nature of this practice.

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