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There Is Much To Be Done

August 4, 2013

People frequently speak of passion, sometimes in a very dispassionate way. But I tell you now that, whatever your age, it is time to go after what you really want. Your time is not limitless, and our planet is in dire straits. Don’t just believe those New Age guru marketeers who tell you that everything will be fine because people are becoming more conscious. Are they? Look around. Find out for yourself. When you really look and listen and sense, you will see that there is much to be done–and it begins with each of us.

When I went on a Freedom Ride in my early 20’s it was something in which I passionately believed, and the many thousands of us who did so made an enormous difference in the United States. You can make a difference, too. Perhaps you already have, but this is no time to stop. The politicians and others will eventually follow your lead–but YOU must lead before it is too late. Which means NOW! And in order to lead, in order to make a difference, you need to know what you really wish for and what actions you wish to take.

When I started the Dennis Lewis FB fan page, which indeed arose from my passion, there were some old friends (and still are) who didn’t and don’t understand. They thought/think it had to do only with ego. You know why? Probably because if they were to do what I am doing it would have been. The judgments they made were based on their own unseen process of ‘projection,’ a process with which I have had my own very personal, even dark, experiences over the years. Each of us needs to see this process in ourselves if we are to become free from its powerful grip.

Friends, if anything is to truly change, we need to grow up and do what our minds and hearts and bodies–motivated by passion, real intention, and consciousness–guide us to do. That’s how inner transformation takes place! That’s how the world changes! It’s a risky business, of course. Things never happen exactly the way we imagine–fortunately! There are so many forces at work, most of them unseen. But as we become more conscious, and more open to our passion, we discover who we really are and know what we must do. I wish you many great discoveries, and actions that matter, beginning right now.

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